Navigating Your IEP

In 2009, the Florida Youth Council first published their IEP guide, Navigating Your IEP: Are You on the Right Track Towards your Future? It is an guide written for youth, by youth. It provides helpful advice on how a student can go from being a passive observer in their IEP meetings, to leading the discussions, and taking charge of their educational and life plans in a meaningful way. We hope that you will review this guide, and that it helps you during the IEP Process and in planning your own future.

Since first being published, the council has printed the IEP Guide 3 separate times and distributed over 4,500 copies to high school students. You can access an electronic edition of the guide by clicking here: Navigating Your IEP: Are You on the Right Track Towards Your Future? If you are interested in ordering hard copies, you can contact the Youth Adviser Natasha Germain at (850) 224-4670 or

Navigating Your IEP Cover