Frequently Asked Questions

Q  How often does the Florida Youth Council meet?

A  The council has a conference call every month.


Q  What does the Florida Youth Council do?

A  The FYC is all about getting youth and emerging leaders involved in self-advocacy, peer mentoring and other activities that will improve the quality life for youth and emerging leaders with disabilities in Florida. The program empowers youth and emerging leaders to decide what issues are important to their generation, to express those issues in their state and local communities, and to develop strategies to solve them.


Q  How can I get involved?

A  You can find an application to join the Florida Youth Council here. You can also participate by reading our monthly newsletter, The Noodle, by attending our Annual Youth Summit and by visiting us online.


Q  What are the requirements to join the Florida Youth Council?

A  All FYC members must be between the ages of 15-30, live in the state of Florida, and have a disability or special heath care needs.


Q  Is the Florida Youth Council currently accepting applications?

A  Yes, we are accepting applications at this time!

Q  What kind of advice/help is available from the Florida Youth Council?

A  The FYC exists to serve as a clearing house for information for youth by youth. It can put you in contact with organizations, opportunities, information and support. We are available at (888) 309-2233 or email at



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