The Annual Youth Summit

The 12th Annual Youth Summit will be held August 2-3, 2019 at The Florida Hotel Orlando. The Summit is a youth-only event, for young people with disabilities between the ages of 15 and 30.

Pictures from previous Youth Summits can be found here.

The Annual Florida Youth Summit began with a simple idea. Why not bring together youth and emerging leaders with disabilities for a two day event where they could network, learn, and have fun? The Annual Youth Summit would provide a unique environment where this could take place. Like our parent organization, The Family Cafe, The Florida Youth Council has always believed that well-informed people make the best possible decisions for themselves. Our Annual Youth Summit provides the opportunity to put that principle into action.

In essence, our summit is a smaller version of The Family Cafe’s annual conference but it is geared strictly for youth. We strongly believe this and because of this we do not allow the attendee’s parent/guardian to attend Summit events/activities. However, there is one parent session and they are welcome to sit in the opening keynote. Otherwise, it is for youth, planed, and put on by youth. The Summit includes two keynote speakers, icebreakers, a movie night, lunch on Saturday, three rounds of informational breakout sessions on a variety of subject matters, and a dance party!

The Florida Youth Summit is held on the first weekend of August every year in Orlando, Florida. Registration for The Summit is always free and furthermore, attendees are able to apply for financial assistance to offset the cost of attending. Registration is OPEN, APPLY NOW!